Hailey's first time out after her health issues

Model Hailey Bieber appeared in public for the first time after a health problem she had. According to the media, she had a problem similar to a stroke.

Mar 22, 2022 - 14:07
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Hailey's first time out after her health issues

She appeared with her husband, and her styling attracted a lot of attention, and the paparazzi raced to photograph her. 

Model Hailey Bieber appeared in public for the first time after a health problem she had. According to the media, she had a problem similar to a stroke.  That is how the 25-year-old model revealed that she experienced symptoms similar to a stroke! As she wrote on Instagram, these symptoms are the result of a small blood clot on her brain.

On Thursday morning, I had breakfast with my husband (Justin Bieber, ed.), when I started to feel symptoms similar to a stroke and I was taken to the hospital” - Haley began.

They found a small blood clot on my brain, which caused a lack of oxygen, but my body overcame it in its own way and I recovered completely in the next few hours. Although this was one of the scariest moments I have ever experienced, I am at home and I am well. I am grateful to all the doctors and nurses who took care of me. Thank you all for your kind wishes, care, support, and love.

This health problem followed a few weeks after Justin Bieber became infected with the coronavirus, which initially led doctors to think about the cause of her condition.

However, now she has appeared in public for the first time and she was very nicely stylized. Haley decided to wear a black long dress that was tied at the back. With this model, she managed to emphasize her slender figure. The sexiest moment of this outfit was the cleavage that the dress made. 


She also decided to fill the part near the chest with decent jewelry, that is, necklaces signed by the Tiffany fashion house. Very impressive were the boots with a pointed top that are not made of shiny material. Those boots are signed by the fashion house Magda Butrym, which cost around 1,400 dollars. 

She added a simple hairstyle to the complete styling - she just tied her high tail and added very reduced make-up.  Her husband Justin Bieber kept her company on this walk.  How do you like her styling?