Has Jennifer Garner finally found a soul mate in the handsome businessman?

According to a source close to the couple, after a series of breaks and reconciliations, it seems that Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend John Miller have started planning a future together.

Oct 15, 2021 - 14:41
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Has Jennifer Garner finally found a soul mate in the handsome businessman?

"Jen and John have taken their relationship seriously and are ready to plan for their future together. They took time to think and talk and made a joint decision," said a source close to Jennifer Garner.

The relationship between the 49-year-old Hollywood actress and six-year-younger businessman John Miller began to be talked about back in 2018, and after they each went their separate ways in August 2020, in May this year they decided to give their love another chance.

"John ​​and Jen are in a similar life situation and are focused on their children after they both went through a divorce. They think the same and understand each other best", claims the source, adding that they will not force a life together until everyone accepts it.

The famous actress from her failed marriage to Ben Affleck has three children - Violet (15), Seraphina (12), and Samuel (9), while Miller and his ex-wife Caroline Campbell have two children.

And in addition to Affleck, Jennifer Garner was married to actor Scott Foley from 2000 to 2004, and she was also in a relationship with a colleague from the 'Alias' series, Michael Vartan. John Miller, unlike her exes, has nothing to do with acting. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School and is the CEO of CaliBurger.

"Jen hasn’t been this happy in a long time and it can be seen that she feels safe with John, who bears no resemblance to her exes. He is extremely successful in his field and has won her over with his seriousness and outlook on life. Jen has been looking for a partner who stands firmly on the ground all this time," the source added.

By: Sarah R.