Healthy snacks that sabotage weight loss!

Healthy snacks that sabotage weight loss will only make you crave for food even more.

Healthy snacks that sabotage weight loss!

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People who want to lose a few pounds should think about nutrients to keep their energy levels optimal, and not be guided by something that is declared healthy. The very act of nibbling is something to be avoided, especially during dieting.

Here are healthy snacks that will sabotage your diet because they will only make you crave food even more:


If you are a fan of sushi, you need to start paying attention to what kind of sushi you eat, or what foods it consists of. The one with a lot of carbs and little protein is not good because you will be hungry again soon after. White rice is added to the sushi, and if you want a healthier version, replace the white with brown rice and use tuna and salmon meat.


Yogurt is good, but you should be careful which one to choose, especially because there are those on the market with low-fat content, and they may contain sugars. Rather choose full-fat and add your favorite seeds, such as flaxseed or chia, to help you stay full longer.


Nuts are healthy, but eat them in limited quantities, because if you eat too much, all your efforts to lose a few extra pounds are in vain. A portion of a few pieces is enough for you. This will stop the feeling of hunger and give the body everything healthy from these fruits, but without fear of consuming large amounts of calories.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are actually normal fruits from which water has evaporated, which means that the same amount as fresh fruit has five to eight times more calories and sugar. Be moderate with consuming fruit in this form.

Rice crackers

This type of cracker has few calories and no fat, but it lacks two ingredients important for combating hunger, and these are fiber and protein. By consuming rice crackers, you are consuming a certain amount of calories, and you will not be full. In addition, some types of these crackers can contain a lot of salt and sugar, so you should be careful.