Here’s what a series about the lives of U.S. first ladies will look like

Entertainment Weekly (EW) brings the first photos from the set of the series "The First Lady", which Showtime will premiere in the spring of 2022. This series will provide the public with a deeper insight into the professional and private side of the life of the First ladies of the United States of America.

Nov 9, 2021 - 16:15
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Here’s what a series about the lives of U.S. first ladies will look like

Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama, the role of Betty Ford is taken over by Michelle Pfeiffer, and Gillian Anderson will be seen as Eleanor Roosevelt.

Davis told EW that she had read Michelle Obama's memoirs, as well as talked to her and thoroughly studied her documentary, which was shown on Netflix in 2020, in order to do her job as well as possible.

On the other hand, just a few months after ending her engagement in the series “The Crown,” where she played the character of Margaret Thatcher, the fantastic Gillian Anderson devoted herself to the role of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Unlike Davis, Anderson didn’t have enough time to study and learn about the former first lady, but director Susanne Bier says she’s thrilled with her performance.

Finally, Pfeiffer describes her task as extremely difficult and demanding, and Bier continues by saying that this actress managed to portray the essence of Betty Ford's character in an almost perfect way and that her performance will delight viewers of the series.

Get the first look from the set here.

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By: Sarah R.