Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War as TV series

Sony is currently best known for two things - PlayStation consoles and exclusive video games for those consoles. If anyone knows how to make a single-player megahit, it's the first-party studios under the auspices of Sony that are developing new titles that will appear only for these consoles, and after a few years maybe for the PC.

Jun 2, 2022 - 21:55
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Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War as TV series

The fact that more and more films and television series are developing on their premises and plots speaks in favor of the fact that the quality of the narratives of these video games. 

Currently, filming on the Last of Us television series is taking a long time, as evidenced by various unofficial photos and recordings from the sets.

In addition, it is about the Ghost of Tsushima film, but there is still not too much information about it. We must not forget the recently released Uncharted film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which is, if nothing else, very entertaining.

However, Sony obviously doesn't want to stop there, so two new series based on well-known video games will now be filmed.

Horizon Forbidden West

For starters, there have been allegations that the Horizon Forbidden West video game could be turned into a television series. At the moment, there is talk about how this series will appear on the Netflix streaming platform, while nothing is known about the release date.

God of War

The situation is similar to the television adaptation of the video game God of War. According to the Engadget portal, for now, it is only assumed that this series will appear on the Amazon Prime Video platform and that it is at an early stage of development.

Gran Turismo

In addition to a few more specific details about the Horizon and God of War TV series, there are rumors that the celebrated series of Gran Turismo racing games (except for the last part hated by hidden microtransactions) will also be in front of the audience. 

However, it is not known whether it will be in the form of a film or a series.

As we have already said, it is not known when these series and/or films will appear, nor is the cast, directors, screenwriters, etc. known. 

What we hope is that the quality of these works will be in line with the quality of the animated TV series Arcane and Castlevania.