How has your 2022 been on Spotify and Apple Music

As we approach these days, we begin to see lists compiling the year's highlights, as we do every year.

Dec 8, 2022 - 14:56
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How has your 2022 been on Spotify and Apple Music

Apple Music and Spotify: They are not unusual in this sense, yet they do have a unique feature that sets them apart from the most searched on Google or the most watched on Netflix, to name a few examples.

And it is that, while the vast majority collect data from a large number of users, what we find in the case of music services is a totally personalized selection, a compilation of what we have heard the most during the year, a personal retrospective that, moreover, serves us on many occasions to remember events of our last twelve months, because music is, in many moments, the soundtrack of said personal experiences.

Don't get me wrong: we are not dismissing the broad lists; on the contrary, they appear to be highly interesting to us. For example, in the case of Google searches, that list undoubtedly assists us to remember the most significant events of the year at a glance.

Actually, We believe that both types of lists complement each other nicely because while some provide a very global perspective, others use a tremendous amount of zoom to take us to our specific issue.

Spotify and Apple Music, the two most popular music streaming services, are aware of the interest that these compilations generate among users, and as a result, they create lists of the year's biggest hits, but they also generate personalized lists, in which we can review what we have listened to the most throughout 2022.

Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay are the titles assigned to these compilations, and while their deployment is often slow, both collections are now available to the vast majority of users, so you can now review the musical summary of your 2022 if you like.

To review Spotify, you must use the app for Android or iOS, as it is not yet available on the web interface or the desktop client. So, with the app installed, open your smartphone's browser, navigate to, and confirm that you wish to run the Spotify app in the browser (with the Download Spotify button, even if you already have the app installed).

After a few seconds, you'll be able to examine your playlist, as well as general year lists and recommendations based on your reproductions.

Apple Music, for example, may be accessed directly from the PC browser. Go to and you'll find a very comprehensive report, with the most listened to songs, the playlists you've used the most, the total time you've dedicated to listening to each artist, the times you've listened to each song... in short, a comprehensive summary of how your 2022 has been, musically speaking.

Post by Bryan C.