How tall are the most famous men?

How tall are the popular guys of the younger generation? Let's find out!

Apr 12, 2022 - 01:45
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How tall are the most famous men?

They are currently the most popular, they are young, beautiful and enjoy great public attention. Of course, these are new stars on the public scene who have more and more fans every day. Jacob Elordi, Tom Holland, Angus Cloud, Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly, Harry Styles ...These are just some of the new generation Hollywood guys who threaten to push out some of the most famous celebrities so far and take their place under the spotlight. But we believe you will be surprised to hear that they are not so high as you assume. See below how tall some of the world’s most popular men are.

Brooklyn Beckham 179 cm

Brooklyn Beckham recently said a fateful ‘yes’ to his fiancée Nicola Peltz, and the Beckhams ’successor boasts a height of 179cm.

Romeo Beckham 179 cm

Brooklyn's younger brother Romeo, who recently ventured into modeling waters, has the same height. Although he often appears taller in the photos, he is, like his older brother, 179 cm tall.

Machine Gun Kelly 192 cm

Machine Gun Kelly seduced one of the most beautiful women in the world and boasts an impressive height of as much as 192 cm.

Justin Bieber 175 cm

Justin Bieber is only 175 cm tall, which means that he is one of the shorter men on this list.

Harry Styles 183 cm

Women's favorite Harry Styles, although he looks short, is actually 183 cm tall, which makes him one of the taller stars on this list.

Pete Davidson 192 cm

A big surprise is Pete Davidson, who managed to seduce one of the most desirable women in show business - Kim Kardashian. The comedian who has been with famous beauties before is as tall as 192 cm.

Travis Scott 177 cm

The father of children Kylie Jenner, controversial rapper Travis Scott can not boast of excessive height. He is about 1.77 cm tall, although he looks much taller, mostly because of Kylie, who next to him really looks miniature.