Apply Eyeliner According To The Eye Shape

how to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape?

Feb 19, 2022 - 05:33
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Apply Eyeliner According To The Eye Shape

Some ladies respond better to eyeliner than others, or you just don't apply it correctly.

To create the perfect eye shape, apply tips that will give you a worldly look.

Cat shape

Make a cat-shaped eye if you want to look stunning. Many ladies, particularly those with round eyes, prefer this style of make-up. By pushing the eyeliner away from the edge of the eye, the eye seems sexier.

Only the upper lid

This is good for smaller eyes since it opens them up, especially if the lashes are prominent. As a result, with this look, apply excellent mascara that will curl your lashes as well. It is critical to remember to apply eyeliner over the lashes rather than the inner border of the eye since this will have the opposite effect.

For some women, it simply looks better than others, or they just didn't choose the right way of makeup

An enhanced version of the cat shape

If you enjoy the cat's method of applying eyeliner, you may play about with it to improve your appearance. This is an excellent make-up for females with narrowed eyes. Pulling the eyeliner along the length of the eyelid and out of it will make the eyes appear larger and more open, and doing the same under the eye will make the eyes appear much bigger and more open. This make-up technique is unique and has a dual impact.

Inner edges

A great approach to apply make-up for girls with medium-sized eyes and those with huge almond-shaped eyes. If you have small eyes, avoid using eyeliner in this manner since it will make them much smaller. If you have almond-shaped eyes, however, applying eyeliner to the inner border of the eye will give them a more defined line. Do not go to the outer area of the eye, since this will make the eyes appear even larger.

Reinforced outer corner

Liquid eyeliner is the ideal option for eyes with eyelids down since it does not smudge once applied.