"I couldn't stop crying": Kate Winslet's confession

The Mare of Easttown actress, who recently reunited with her friend and colleague, spoke about the time they were estranged

Dec 23, 2021 - 17:48
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"I couldn't stop crying": Kate Winslet's confession

The Mare of Easttown actress, who recently reunited with her friend and colleague, spoke about the time when something estranged them

Since they met on the set of Titanic, in 1996 - the film was released the following year and forever changed their careers - then Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio built one of the strongest friendships in Hollywood, and even worked together again on another film: Just a dream, the 2008 drama by Sam Mendes, Winslet's ex-partner.

Therefore, when from 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic the British actress could not travel to visit her great friend, she broke down on several occasions. "We were separated for three years, and I could not stop crying," the Oscar winner told The Guardian publication, also including 2019, when before the Covid they did not manage to combine agendas either.

Finally, a short time ago there was the long-awaited reunion of friends in Los Angeles which, according to Winslet's words, was very moving because of all that it implied. "I've known him since the middle of my life!" "On the set of Titanic I turned 21 and he was 22," she said.

It's not that I was in New York or that he was in London and we had a chance to have dinner or coffee and catch up. We have not been able to leave our countries. Like so many friends around the world, we were lost because of the Covid. He is my friend, a very close friend. We are united for life ”, The actress said that this year she won the Emmy for her acclaimed work on Brad Ingelsby's miniseries for HBO, Mare of Easttown.

Rumors of romance

In 2017, the actress came out to deny the versions that claimed that something romantic was happening with DiCaprio. After being photographed while enjoying a sunny day in Saint Tropez, rumors were inevitable, and it was even claimed that Leo had always been secretly in love with her. In an interview she gave at the time, Winslet said that "fortunately" there was never any romance between them, nor was there any sexual tension.

“It was seven months of intense work [on Titanic], we were both very young, it's incredible. And luckily, and I think we were very lucky there, we never liked each other,” she said during her time on the British show, Lorraine. In this way, the actress who played Rose in the James Cameron film, denied the rumors. “I know it's very upsetting to hear this. I'm sorry, but it never happened. And that allowed us to have what we share now, that we can tease each other, and I think it's wonderful. "

Titanic's legacy

Later, the actress spoke of the legacy left by the box office film. “The nice thing about Titanic is that now my kids and my friends tell me: 'Oh, I love the part where ...' and they know the lines by heart, phrases that I forgot a long time ago. (...) It's incredible, and they weren't even born when it was released, which makes me feel very old. There is a whole new generation of children who watch and enjoy the film ... It's like Mary Poppins , in my opinion, " she said.

In another interview, in this case with Marie Claire magazine, Winslet reflected on why her friendship with DiCaprio remained intact for so many years in the industry. I think the reason our friendship worked is that there was never anything romantic between us. It's disappointing for people to hear it, because in the soap opera of Kate and Leo's life, they fell in love at first sight and were constantly making out. But the reality is that that never happened ", said the actress, laughing " He always saw me as one of his friends. It's just that I was never a very 'little woman' ”, she revealed.

"We needed each other to give us support because we were very young and we were working all kinds of schedules," he said, about the filming of the film that catapulted them to fame.