Matrix Resurrections - The saga continues

As if refusing to take the red pill of the Matrix to face reality, Hollywood looks to the past to rescue its most famous formats. 

Dec 23, 2021 - 18:24
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Matrix Resurrections - The saga continues

As if refusing to take the red pill of the Matrix to face reality, Hollywood looks to the past to rescue its most famous formats. Now it is the turn of the fictional saga starring Keanu Reeves, who returns with a title as appropriate as Matrix Resurrections and which is already in theaters. "I don't know, it seems that's what humans do. They don't restart or recycle, but they revisit the past. It's interesting," Reeves analyzes in a conversation with Efe more than twenty years after the premiere of the saga.

In a time as complicated as the current one, it seems that the big movie studios are hooked on the blue pill that introduced the original film and live in nostalgia. Everything returns. There are reunions of FriendsHarry Potter, new seasons of Sex and the City and sequel to Ghostbusters. "That nostalgia anchors us sometimes. It makes us feel like we're not floating through the universe. It reminds you that you stand a little firm and it makes you feel much better, more connected," says Carrie-Anne Moss, the Reeves' eternal co-star in this series. Thus, both Reeves and Moss admit that they too felt the urge to return to the characters they first incarnated in 1999 to continue the story exactly where it left off.


Lana Wachowski, co-director of the first three films with her sister Lilly Wachowski, has gone behind the scenes in this film that follows the Matrix (1999), Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions(2003). Despite the fact that, the insistence of Warner Bros., the Wachowskis had refused to give continuity to a story that they considered closed, everything changed one night in which Lana Wachowski woke up her protagonists in the imagination and began to write the script for the new movie. "It's beautiful to see Keanu and Carrie in this. They are the perfect age to do it, we all are," Wachowski explained. "And Keanu - she adds - is at the peak of age. If he were too old it would not be possible. And if he were younger, he would not have so much weight and resonance".

Matrix Resurrections features a Neo (Reeves) who remembers nothing of his cybernetic and existential adventures, with one foot in the Matrix and the other in reality. The character now works as a video game designer and goes to a therapist who prescribes blue pills to keep him in the dark. Although everything takes a 180-degree turn when on the streets of San Francisco he comes across a woman who looks like Trinity (Moss). Then the memories of the past begin to become more apparent and the machinery of the Matrix returns. "It's nice to know that the bond between Neo and Trinity still exists. I appreciate feeling it again," says Moss.


 With the enigmatic aroma of the Matrix, but much more current, the film relapses on issues such as the search for truth, the fantasies generated by memory and the voluntary choice of the pill. "I like that kind of interaction with the film, that it fosters these kinds of conversations, as if it were their food," Reeves explains.

Wachowski's script includes scenes from the past and nods to the "bullet time" technique, those ultra-slow motion shots that were her hallmark in the 2000s. And, of course, she insists on the most spectacular action with the help of groundbreaking technology. "Well, I'm older, but I think my character's action is the same," Keanu Reeves jokes.