Instagram remembered IGTV existed and renamed it 'Instagram TV'

Instagram had high expectations of the IGTV platform but overlooked the fact that users will find it difficult to switch from the popular YouTube to which they have long been accustomed

Oct 6, 2021 - 04:31
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Instagram remembered IGTV existed and renamed it 'Instagram TV'

Back in 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV, a platform made for posting and viewing long-form videos, which, according to the company’s plans, was to compete with YouTube, which obviously - never materialized.

Since TikTok took off shortly after the introduction of IGTV, it can be said that the company neglected its platform, until Tuesday when they decided to rename it "Instagram TV", in order to "revive" the concept, writes The Verge.

Namely, Instagram got rid of the exclusive IGTV video format, so now all videos published on the main feed can last up to 60 minutes, which was previously reserved only for IGTV content.

In addition, Instagram TV videos can now be viewed without leaving the main app, which makes them easier to find, but it also seems a bit "messy" with Instagram accounts that post a lot of diverse content.

In any case, this change brings a slight refreshment that some users will surely like, and it also proves that Instagram has not forgotten about its somewhat failed attempt to compete with YouTube.

By: Sarah R.