Ioan Gruffudd requested a restraining order!

He asked for a ban on approaching and gave the court 113 pages of horrible messages. In a motion to ban access, Ioan Gruffudd claims that his wife Alice Evans constantly threatened him.

Feb 18, 2022 - 03:25
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Ioan Gruffudd requested a restraining order!

The end of the drama between Ioan Gruffudd (48) and Alice Evans (53), who are divorcing due to his extramarital affair, is not in sight. Ioan sought a restraining order for Alice because of domestic violence. In the request, which he submitted to the court, he points out that he wants the actress not to approach him or his girlfriend Bianca Wallace (29) less than 100 meters away. He claims to have told Evans that he was unhappy in their marriage back in August 2020, and she reacted to that with threats. 

'She kept telling me between August 2020 and January 2021 that if I leave her she would make false accusations against me, sell untrue stories to the media and ruin my career,' Ioan stated.

He also told that Alice threatened him that she will tell people that he abused her and their daughters threatened to call the police if he don't agree with their demands. She would lie to people that he was a drug addict and put him in jail. 

He also revealed that he received hundreds of harassing text messages, voice messages, and videos and that she also sent threatening emails to his mother Margaret Griffiths. He submitted evidence of her terrible messages on 113 pages. He claims that he and his lawyer begged her to stop such behavior, but she refused. According to sources, Evans does not agree with her husband's request for a restraining order. She said she had not received a copy of the submission and did not know what he was accusing her of.

"However, I know this for sure: I did not hit anyone, attack, threaten, harass, monitor, stalk, destroy someone's private property, harass over the phone or destroy anyone's peace, " the actress said.

She says she last saw her husband live in January 2021, and that they last spoke on the phone on October 27, 2021, when she heard that he is in a relationship with Bianca.

By the way, Evans and Gruffudd fell in love in 2000 on the set of the popular film '102 Dalmatians' and got married seven years later. They have two daughters. Alice advertised on social media after her husband filed for divorce and in November last year, sand she revealed on Instagram that he cheated on her with a friend.

"This is my husband's new girlfriend. Look, I wouldn't mind if he came to me and said, 'Listen, I think I fell in love with someone else.' But he didn't do it. For two years he told people on the set of the series where he worked that I was an alcoholic, a completely unstable and horrible mother. That is very inaccurate and ugly. I am the best mother and that is what I care about, " the actress wrote when Ioan announced that he was in a relationship with Wallace.

The actress had previously called Bianca a housewife and accused her of stealing her husband and making her children cry. She also proved with likes on family photos on Instagram from 2018 that she knew Wallace before Ioan. What is going to be, we will see in the future.