iOS 17 changes will be inside

There are still a few months to go before the official presentation of iOS 17...

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iOS 17 changes will be inside

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There are only a few months until the formal unveiling of iOS 17, the next version of the iPhone operating system, which will be unveiled and exhibited for the first time at WWDC 2023, which will take place next June, with specific dates to be disclosed. Like every year, Apple will begin to give the first preview copies of iOS 17 to developers immediately after that presentation, so that they may modify their apps to what is to come.

As for the final version, which will be available to all customers who can update to it, we may expect it to arrive in September, roughly ten days after the next iPhone 15 is announced at Apple's usual back-to-school event near the end of summer. There has only been one modification in this regard in recent years. You'll remember it since it happened in 2020 and was, of course, caused by the epidemic. Apple, on the other hand, has become more consistent since then.

As a result, while we can already take the calendar for granted, everything we know about the upcoming version of the operating system comes, as is customary, from rumors and leaks, which can be more or less credible depending on their source. And, of course, much of the news surrounding Apple this year revolves around the virtual reality headset, which, according to increasing forecasts, will also see the light during WWDC 2023. iOS 17 is no exception in this sense.

According to HowToiSolve, iOS 17 will include new functionality in its "guts" rather than huge cosmetic changes. The key novelty of this operating system will be the virtual reality viewer management app, which will function similarly to the app for managing the Apple Watch, including the app store. We will still have to wait to see how the viewer interacts with the apps loaded on the iPhone, which we believe should be available from the start.

For the rest, the medium mentions system performance and stability improvements that, while it does not specify what they will be, are expected to provide a better user experience for iPhones compatible with this version, though the improvements will most likely focus on the iPhone 15 and other more recent generations. I'm not saying that the older ones will be excluded, but they will most certainly gain less from these advancements.

There will also be new capabilities in the Apple Music access app, in the Find My Locator service, in the mail application, and Reminders and Files will be upgraded, though it is unclear how. We can also anticipate small modifications to the Fitness and Wallet apps, this time connected to Apple Pay Later.

In terms of what the OS leaks reveal about the next-generation iPhone, it looks that iOS 17 is planned to work on six Dynamic Island-enabled devices, two of which are already available, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. As a result, it appears that the next four iPhone 15 models will include Dynamic Island, signaling the demise of the iconic notch.

The new iPhone 15s running iOS 17 is expected to include a USB-C connection, albeit the difference will vary depending on the model. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will include a USB 2.0 port, however, the Pro and Pro Max will be substantially speedier, thanks to the USB 3.2 standard.

Post by Bryan C.