It's official: Victoria Beckham has joined TikTok

Victoria Beckham published the first photo from Croatia

Jul 14, 2022 - 13:52
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It's official: Victoria Beckham has joined TikTok

Victoria Beckham posted the first photo from Croatia on her profile and used it as news that she joined another popular social network.
It's official: Victoria Beckham has joined TikTok. The 48-year-old posted her first video on 14 July. In the post, Victoria said "tell me you are posh without telling me you are posh" as she pokes fun at her famous Spice Girls nickname.

Victoria Beckham is enjoying a family vacation on the island of Lopud near Dubrovnik, and after the paparazzi filmed her, her husband David, daughter Harper and son Cruz, she has now announced herself on social networks.

Namely, after announcing that she was going to join TikTok, 48-year-old Victoria announced the news that she really did it, and through her profile on Instagram, where she posted a photo from Croatia. On it, she poses in the summer edition, and the sea and islands can be seen in the background. "The devil works fast, but I work even faster!" Victoria wrote with the photo.

For their vacation, the Beckham family chose a luxury resort on the island of Lopud, where the rental price per day is ten thousand dollars for ten people, and the price of one night is about 1400 dollars. The luxury complex where the famous couple resides is located in a former Franciscan monastery that was renovated by Countess Francesca von Habsburg and turned into a museum with an elegant boutique hotel and a 21st-century spiritual sanctuary, together with a church, a bell tower, and a Romanesque cloister, and within the complex, there is also Holy garden.

It is known as one of the most luxurious destinations on the Adriatic, and guests have a concierge and a private chef at their disposal. The Beckhams will thus spend a considerable amount of money on their vacation in Croatia.

By the way, Victoria Beckham has defended her strict diet in a new interview with Australian Vogue after her husband David said earlier this year that she only eats fish and vegetables. He wanted to say that he has never met someone who is more disciplined in the way they eat” - said the former member of the Spice Girls group, as reported by the Huffington Post UK. The 48-year-old claims to be quite extreme in everything she does.
Post by: Rinna James