Izabella ‘Behind Doors at the Playboy Mansion’

All that Isabella St. James once revealed about Hugh Hefner today is confirmed by the confessions of many bunnies.

Apr 15, 2022 - 04:18
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Izabella ‘Behind Doors at the Playboy Mansion’

The first to talk about Hefner in 2011 was former bunny Izabella St. James. In her biography ‘Bunny Tales: Behind Doors at the Playboy Mansion’ she revealed unknown details from the life of the ‘idol of all men’.

Isabell discovered that the living conditions at Playboy's villa were unbearable and that things were old and dirty, especially in Hef's room since Holly moved in. Her dogs were not disciplined and urinated everywhere, and the first thing the bunnies would have to do when they came to Hugh was clean the dog feces because, she says, it was not uncommon for her to end up on their feet during intercourse. Hefner, as Isabella described, was a fetishist on the subject. Namely, the story has already been heard that the owner of Playboy was a zoophile and that Holly personally caught him while he was having relations with dogs. However, Hefner did not mind if dog feces were found on certain parts of the body. As Isabella later confirmed in interviews, everything that happened was ‘nasty and humiliating’.

Isabella also looked back on her beginnings with Hefner. She pointed out that she caught his eye in her early twenties and that he was courting her for the first time the way every man should court a woman.

‘I liked it, I was fascinated, I wanted a break from studying and a disciplined life, and living in a Playboy villa seemed like an exciting opportunity in my life,’ Isabella revealed. However, it didn't take long for the bunny to understand the real state of affairs. The girls were actually imprisoned, forced into various bizarre things, and he loved to humiliate them.

' Every Friday morning we had to come to Hef's room, and then he would make us take dog ​​feces that were on the carpets and then ask him for pocket money. We would get a thousand dollars in hundred-dollar bills. We all hated this practice. Hef would always take the opportunity and tell us what he was not happy with. Most of the complaints concerned connections between the girls or not attending sex parties in his room. If for some reason we weren’t in town or would miss a date with him (Heff loved going to clubs and showing off his girlfriends), then we wouldn’t get pocket money, ’ said Isabella St. James in the book.'Although we did our best to furnish our rooms the way we wanted to keep them warm, the mattresses and beds were disgusting - old, worn out and dirty. And the sheets were already very old, ' she revealed.