Jaclyn Smith shares her surprising secret

She was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago.

Jul 5, 2022 - 14:47
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Jaclyn Smith shares her surprising secret

She survived Hollywood in the seventies, three divorces, and breast cancer without a single scratch. Now Jaclyn Smith has shared her secret to maintaining a youthful appearance – recycling her own fat.


The actress, who rose to fame with the hit ‘Charlie's Angels’ in 1975, said that she avoided conventional cosmetic endeavors. "I don't believe in fillers and I haven't had any liposuction," Jacqueline says of her minimal procedures. "If I put something on my face, I'm using my own fat, which is hard to do."


Now 76, she is the boss of a multimillion-dollar skincare and clothing business that she oversees from her hilltop mansion in Los Angeles. Jaclyn reveals that she has always avoided Botox. "I'm afraid of it," she says. "My husband says if you do Botox over and over again, it completely collapses the muscles."


She was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago after a routine mammogram showed a lump. Jaclyn then received radiation therapy. That experience gave her a new perspective on life, she says. "It's part of my history and it changes you: you realize you have to seize the day," she says. “And that you need to be more grateful. Maybe we all complain a little too much."


Her fourth husband is heart surgeon Brad Allen (67), whom she met when he operated on her father 30 years ago. They dated for several years before marrying in 1997, she says. By the time Charlie's Angels ended its five-year run in 1981, Jaclyn had divorced her first two husbands, both actors. "I don't even count those first two as marriages," she says.


She almost made it the third time, she says, when she married British cinematographer Tony Richmond, the father of her two children, son Gaston and daughter Spencer. They divorced because of his alcoholism but remained friends.


Jaclyn is now relishing her role as a grandmother, having emerged unscathed from the whirlwind of "Charlie's Angels" fame and the hedonism of 1970s Hollywood. The actress says she went to parties but never let her guard down. "Some of it was against my upbringing. I never heard a four-letter word growing up. I never saw drugs," she says.

Post by: Rinna James