Janet Jackson, new revelations about her brother Michael

Jan 26, 2022 - 13:09
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Janet Jackson, new revelations about her brother Michael

In her autobiographical documentary, the singer reveals some background on her relationship with her brother and on certain attitudes that have eroded her self-esteem.

Everything seemed to indicate that the relationship between Michael Jackson and his younger sister, Janet, was one of the few aspects of the musician’s life that had been left out of the cloak of mystery in which he decided to hide.

Those words spoken by Janet Jackson towards her brother Michael are debatable wordsNot only because they shed light on a relationship between brothers that has always been fluctuating, but also because they arrive years and years after the death of the King of pop and draw an unflattering portrait of him.

The "Janet" documentary that will be available from January 31st was the opportunity for the singer to talk about Michael Jackson and their relationship, and also tells the personal story and career of the star in detail.

Michael's words that hurt Janet

In the documentary series, Janet unfolds and retraces some moments of her life mostly unpublished, making sure that all information and statements collected are the solid truth, "Take it or leave it". The most unexpected revelations about her life, but especially about her connection with Michael. However, it would definitely not be liked by Michael's fans, but that also was part of him.

Accordingly, what was released by the international media, in fact, Janet would have confessed that she had dragged herself into the depths of her brother's insults and mockery, also uttered for fun, but which in any case left after-effects.

There were times when he provoked me by giving me names: sow, mare, pig for slaughter, cowHe laughed at that and so did I, but at that moment there was a place inside where those words hurt. When someone says you’re too heavy, it affects you.” the singer confessed.

Insecurity, related to his physical appearance, which has grown and which also got worse due to work. “When I started acting in Good Times, my problems with weight and how I judged my appearance also began. My body developed at a very young age and I started to have more noticeable breasts, but they bandaged them to look flat. "

Janet Jackson, how she experienced the allegations of molesting Michael

In the documentary Janet Jackson does not shy away from the topic of sexual abuse, speaking of the repercussions that the accusations against her brother have also had on her.

But she admits she and Michael, who died in 2009 aged 50, drifted apart as they grew older.

Janet was devastated when he was first accused of child sex abuse in 1993 — when 13-year-old Jordan Chandler alleged Michael molested him at his home, Neverland, in California. The lawsuit was settled in January 1994 with a $23million payout to the Chandlers.

Asked if the allegations affected her, she says: “Yeah. It was frustrating for me.

"He gave the money to the family, to end this story, but so he risked looking guilty," she said, recalling how at that time every decision of her brother also had an effect on her career, like the time she was about to sign an important contract with Coca Cola as a testimonial and the thing went wrong. "When that story came up, Coca Cola said," No, thank you. " I was found guilty, only because I was associated with him, ”she explained.