Janice Dickinson before surgeries!

Janice Dickinson was a silent sufferer and the perfect woman whose beauty everyone wanted for themselves. She tried out the powers of a plastic surgeon.

Jan 27, 2022 - 15:45
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Janice Dickinson before surgeries!

The golden age of modeling, the so-called 'era of supermodels' marked the end of the eighties and nineties, and the names of the beauties were in the rank of the greatest acting stars. One is sure, there will never be anything like the supermodel era again. It was an extraordinary time.

In 1988, everything was beautiful and glamorous, but there were also different women. They were brave, they had brains, they tied their hair and they didn't wear make-up. That was a change. Anna Wintour then came to American Vogue and when she saw the photos Peter Lindbergh took, she said that’s exactly what she wanted. She gave him the cover and it was the trigger. In just a few months, from the material that stood in the trash, they became the material for the cover. It all started with the famous black and white photo from the beach where the models posed in white shirts. It was published in American Vogue in 1988, and two years later, the legendary five appeared on the cover of the British edition, which soon became synonymous with glamor. Legendary five were Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Tatiana Patitz.

However, the epithet of a supermodel is often mentioned next to one name even before the unforgettable beauties walked the runways.

It is about Janice Dickinson who gave herself the mentioned 'nickname' in 1979 in a conversation with her manager who thought she was working too hard. He told her that she was not Superman, to which she replied that she is not Superman, but a supermodel.

She collaborated with the biggest names in the fashion industry, also she was the face of mega-successful campaigns, and she appeared on the cover of Vogue an incredible 37 times. No one admired her beauty, she was called a sex symbol, but over the years she became one of those who destroyed her natural appearance with a desire for eternal youth. Plastic and aesthetic corrections have made a plastic image out of her face.

By the way, her name is associated with actor Sylvester Stallone. Namely, in the early nineties, he was already in a relationship with his current wife Jennifer Flavin, and then he told her in a letter that he was leaving her precisely because of the beautiful model.

In 1994, Janice gave birth to a daughter, Savannah, and the actor believed that it was his daughter, so she got his last name. However, a few weeks later, DNA showed that Stallone was not the father, which is why they broke up, and then Janice in her autobiography 'No Lifeguard On Duty' from 2002 revealed that she then slept with three men just a few days apart. It turned out that her daughter’s father was film producer Michael Birnbaum. She doesn't have only a daughter, she also has a son, Nathan. She is currently married to psychiatrist Robert Gerner, whom she met in 2012.