Jennifer Love Hewitt's emotional tribute to late mother

In a post on the social network, the actress described how much she misses the most important person in her life.

Jun 22, 2022 - 08:44
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Jennifer Love Hewitt's emotional tribute to late mother

Jennifer Love Hewitt marks 10 years since the great tragedy of her life. Namely, in 2012, she lost her mother, who died at the age of 67 from cancer. In memory of her, the actress dedicated a message to her mother on the social network Instagram, in which she addressed her as "best friend". “Someone told me, when I lost my mother, that the first year would be impossible. As they pass, I will build strength, and when the first decade passes, the wounds will reopen. Because it would be insane for me to be without her for so long. They are right. I am very vulnerable” - she wrote, then continued:

I will never forget that I could not say goodbye to you. I will never forget entering your house, hoping you would just show up from around the corner. I will never forget waking up the next day, praying it was all just a bad dream.

As she further wrote, she wishes everything she went through wasn't so painful. “Many times I accidentally called her to tell her whether it was something good or bad that happened to me, forgetting that she would not answer. I am proud of how I endured the grief. I just wish it didn't hurt so much” - the actress writes and continues:

I will celebrate her today because I know she helped me build my family. My amazing children and husband help me build our community every day. She knew that was all I wanted. And I know she's with us, always. Today I will eat and drink what she loved. I will look at her photos and adventures with the children and I will be grateful that she was mine for at least some time. I love you, mom. Always and forever.

The actress was 33 years old when her mother passed away. At that time, her PR issued an official statement - "The family mourns the loss. She was an angel to everyone who knew her and everyone is grateful that she is in a better place now."

Post by: Rinna James