John Mulaney is still officially married

Comedian John Mulaney and actress Olivia Munn have become the parents of Malcolm’s son, but his past still haunts him. He is officially still in marriage.

Dec 27, 2021 - 13:39
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John Mulaney is still officially married

Actress Olivia Munn revealed the news on her Instagram profile two days ago that she gave birth to her first son, Malcolm Hiep, whom she had with comedian, 39-year-old John Mulaney.

The 41-year-old beauty hid her pregnancy until September when the comedian revealed the happy news on the 'Late Night Show'.

And while everyone is looking forward to the birth of a fairly fresh loving couple, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s still officially married. In May, John and his (ex) wife Anne Marie Tendler officially announced the end of their six-year marriage, and the same month it was rumored that the comedian was seeing the beautiful actress.

‘John ​​wants to grow up as fast as possible to preserve his and his partner’s reputation. He does not want Olivia to be talked about as a woman who destroys marriages, ' a source told the media recently. However, many still think, which is not surprising, that Olivia is the reason for the breakup of his marriage.

And although John went on with his love life very quickly, it didn't happen to Anne, who came out of a failed marriage, at least it seems, hurt. 'It broke my heart when John decided to end our marriage. But I still support him and wish him all the best in the continuation of his recovery '. This was the only thing she said after the news of the breakup, until he said absolutely nothing. The reason for their divorce is still unknown to the public.

It was at this time that the comedian was undergoing rehabilitation for alcohol and cocaine addiction and admitted that Olivia really helped him in those moments, and some world media wrote that Anne ended up in treatment for emotional reasons caused by the comedian's alleged infidelity.

And although his ex was absolutely broken, he fell in love with the actress, but their acquaintance did not start then. Allegedly, Olivia was a ‘fan’ of his for years, and she even stated that she was obsessed with him. 'We were at the same wedding once, and I kept coming up to him and asking him' And how is it, are you having fun? ' I was obsessed with hanging out and talking to him, ' she once said. A few years later, her dream seems to have come true, and they had a child together after six months.

For many, the news of the pregnancy was shocking because John and his ex-wife did not have any children, even though they had been married for years, but it seems that age does not play a role here.

Earlier he discovered on his way how everything happened between him and Olivia.

I continued to do drugs. My friends intervened, so I went back to the rehab clinic, this time for two months. Then in the spring I went to Los Angeles and met a beautiful woman named Olivia,” he said and he also discovered how it was she who helped him overcome addiction.

“She’s very sweet and she held my hand through all that hell,” the comedian said.

He also admitted earlier that the pandemic had a bad effect on his mental health, which is why he returned to his vices, but he says that he is now a new man and that he is happy to be on the road to recovery.