Julia Roberts - 14 million dollars for 5 minutes

Julia Roberts earned as much as 14 million dollars for 5 minutes of appearance in the film

Dec 29, 2022 - 07:23
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Julia Roberts - 14 million dollars for 5 minutes

JULIA ROBERTS was paid $14 million for her 5-minute cameo in the 2010 film Valentine's Day.

Roberts and Bradley Cooper starred in one of the most famous scenes in the modern history of romantic comedies, and she received an astounding 2.8 million dollars for every minute spent on the screen, or 12 thousand dollars per uttered word, for her role.

The famous actress received a three-million-dollar advance for her role as Captain Kate Hazeltine, and the remaining eleven million dollars came from a deal she signed with the New Line Cinema company that allowed her to collect three percent of the film's overall earnings.

Despite its box office success, the picture did not garner favorable reviews. Thus, it has 18% good critic reviews and 47 percent positive audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Various Los Angeles citizens go through the ups and downs of love in a series of related stories over the course of a single day. They have first dates, long-term engagements, adolescent infatuations, and interactions with old lovers as the holidays progress.

The film also stars Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, and Ashton Kutcher, according to the synopsis.

The filming of Wrongful Death will commence on January 5, 2023.

The new thriller stars Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts' brother, and Michael Pare, as well as Isabella Brenza, Alexander Man, Raquel Montes, Monique Bartnik, Jenny Paris, and Alona Hertha.

The premise of the thriller Wrongful Death centers around David Moore's (Michael Paré) effort to quiet his conscience by discovering the truth about what happened to his kid, that is, who took his life and why.

This is what he attempts to learn from Sophie McElroy (Isabella Brenza), the daughter of Senator McElroy (Eric Roberts), and the plot also includes a dishonest journalist, an addict, and a schemer with a troubled background. All of this should result in an explosive cocktail, the essence of which is the depiction of the parent-child relationship in two distinct ways.

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