Blonde - a boring film

A boring film reduced to the problem of a father and daughter.

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Blonde - a boring film

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Despite Ana De Armas' outstanding performance as Marylin Monroe, Netflix's 2022 film The Blonde is slow, uninteresting, and aggravating to watch. It's a fictitious story that the makers claim is a "bold" re-imagining of Monroe's life, but their idea of daring is limited to the superficial realms of nudity and sex.

The picture, directed by Andrew Dominik and based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel, clocks in at an ambitious two hours and forty-six minutes, with various stars playing cameo roles, and one has to wonder - did anyone spot the screenplay problems??

'Blonde' attempts to demonstrate how a tremendously talented and beautiful woman was treated cruelly by Hollywood and turned into a foolish sex bomb to be milked for money; but, this film also treats its protagonist in the same manner.

Ana De Armas' portrayal of Monroe is so tenderly vulnerable that it's a shame the writing couldn't appreciate either Armas' skill or Monroe's memory.

Why continue with a twenty-year-old book and not be a little more innovative if you want to fictionalize the life of a cultural icon? Of fact, 'Blonde' manages to be a terrible story about the risks of excessive celebrity, particularly for a female actress in an era when males were the sole decision-makers... but nothing defends Monroe, who is presented as a mentally weak woman who seeks her own dad in every guy.

The film begins with the charming Lily Fisher as the young Marylin AKA Norma Jeane (her real name) and Julianne Nicholson as her abusive mother Gladys, who tells the young kid stories of a kind but absent father. Norma's fixation with reconciling with her father begins here, and until then, she regards the men in her life as his replacements.

Let us simply say that Monroe was an insecure, immature young star who was continually bullied and exploited by everyone around her. There have been numerous books, films, documentaries, and articles written on the subject, and it is well-established.

As a result, 'Blonde' adds nothing new to the table and devolves into a meaningless saga about a cult superstar who died of a drug overdose.

Post by Bryan C.