Kerem Bursin is again the target of criticisms!

Turkish actor Kerem Bursin is someone whose every statement and sentence is analyzed in public. The popular actor has again come into the limelight for his new statement.

Jul 27, 2022 - 08:57
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Kerem Bursin is again the target of criticisms!

Just a few days ago, Kerem Bursin was targeted by fans from Arab countries. Then, according to him, he accidentally liked a tweet insulting the royal family of Saudi Arabia. This caused a strong reaction from fans from those areas, so Bursin apologized and explained that he accidentally liked that tweet. The situation didn't calm down and Kerem is again in the center of attention, but now in the Turkish public. With his new statement, the actor raised a lot of negative attention again. Among other things, Kerem Bursin said that Turkish actors have a big ego. This was met with various comments, the latest of which came from popular Turkish actor and presenter Mehmet Ali Erbil. He reacted quite harshly.

Erbil said that Kerem is certainly not working because of his attitude. But, on the contrary, he gets, like everyone else, very high sums for his roles. For example, popular actors in Romania,  earn around 5,000 euros per month. For that money, according to Mehmet, Turkish actors would not even lift a finger, or do something. Mehmet Ali then continued to analyze the young colleagues from Turkey. He said that he likes Burak Ozcivit. Erbil called Burak a very talented actor.

All this seems to be an attempt to draw attention to his new project. The media in Turkey did not miss the opportunity to remind us that Mehmet plays the main role in the new Hollywood movie 'Hope'.

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Kerem Bursin is always in the center of attention and the mere mention of his name cannot go unnoticed. However, Erbil is also a big name in Turkish cinema, so without a doubt, this exchange of opinions and views between one of the most popular actors of the younger generation and an older actor was interesting to many.

Considering that Kerem Bursin grew up in America, he speaks English perfectly and that he is a very talented and high-quality actor, it would not be a surprise if we might see him and Mehmet together in some Hollywood production.


Post By: Vanessa F.