Listen to a shocking recording of Britney Spears' testimony!

Music icon Britney Spears addressed a court in Los Angeles two days ago at a crucial moment for the battle she is waging against her father, whom she claims has deprived her of the opportunity to manage finances and businesses. The most painful part of her testimony is the moment when she admitted that her team, led by her father, did not want to get pregnant with another child. The public, however, was shocked to hear some more of the claims of the planet-popular singer.

Jun 26, 2021 - 10:16
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Listen to a shocking recording of Britney Spears' testimony!

The pop star talked to Judge Brand Penny about the problem of guardianship, due to which she has not been able to control her money since 2008. This is the first trial that has been open to the public in the proceedings that Britney has been conducting for 13 years against her father.

In her testimony, she pointed out that she was forcibly fitted with a spiral so that she could not remain pregnant. She said her management forcibly drugged her with lithium. She also compared her position to the white slave trade.

You can now listen to the full recording of the conversation between Britney Spears and the judge in the video below.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers