Looks like Kourtney's son has put on a little weight

Mason Disick is the eldest son of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, and lately many are commenting on his increased weight.

Nov 23, 2021 - 15:16
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Looks like Kourtney's son has put on a little weight

The Kardashian-Jenner clan’s oldest sister, Kourtney, recently surprised the world with a rather hasty engagement to partner Travis Barker with whom she has been in love since the beginning of this year.

The couple is constantly posting shared photos and romantic moments on social media, and part of the public has told them they were behaving inappropriately like teenagers in love. Some also think that Kourt neglected the children because of the new relationship, and as an example, they take the weight of her eldest son, 11-year-old Mason, whom she had with her ex-partner Scott Disick.

The comments started when Mason was photographed by paparazzi on a walk with his father on the beach in Miami, and in addition to growing up, he visibly gained weight. Although Kourtney has always made sure that children consume healthy foods, something seems to have gone wrong.

By the way, he has plenty of potential for scandal. Namely, we remember how he made a real drama on social media last year when he created an Instagram account for his parents behind their back, turned on Live, and answered questions from fans. As a cherry on top, he revealed the details of the relationship between Kylie and Travis that they then hid from the public. 

Mason's first Internet quarrel

And then he got into his first online quarrel. Although his parents deleted all his accounts first, he decided to create a profile on TikTok where he started calling out and insulting celebs, and his first victim was no more and no less than the mogul of the cosmetics industry - Jeffree Star whom he described as totally spoiled. Although Jeffree retaliated by writing that he hoped his parents would react to this, he quickly deleted the comment. 

And he isn’t the only Kourtney’s son the public has attacked. Namely, her younger son Reign, had long hair for many years, which is why many wrote on Kourtney's Instagram he looked like a girl. Is this a boy or?’, ‘I thought this was a girl. Please cut it ',' The hair salon is waiting for him ',' 'Cut the poor kid's hair, I always think he's a girl', 'Wait, Reign is a boy?', 'Whose daughter is this?', Are just some of the comments which could be read below Kourtney’s photographs.

Jennifer Lopez recently had a big problem with ugly comments about her child. Namely, the haters used to comment that Emma does not look like her famous mother at all, which is a 'real shame', because she should be a lady like her. They also attacked Adele’s son, Megan Fox's, and Charlize Theron's children for wearing women’s clothing, and Charlize openly admitted that her son wants to be a woman and that she will support him as in everything in life.