"Maestro": Bradley Cooper is unrecognizable!

After a very successful debut with the film "The Star is Born" in which he starred with Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper decided to try again as a director.

"Maestro": Bradley Cooper is unrecognizable!

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The film is planned to be shown on Netflix in 2023.

After a very successful debut with the film "The Star is Born" in which he starred with Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper decided to try again as a director and lead actor. This time, the film is dedicated to the former director of the New York Philharmonic and one of the greatest American conductors and composers, Leonard Bernstein. Bradley is one of the producers of the film, and the production team also includes the famous Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.

Netflix has also published the first photos from the shooting of the film called "Maestro", and the film is planned to be shown on this streaming network next year. What is completely unbelievable is the physical transformation of Bradley Cooper into a composer. Cooper co-wrote the screenplay for this film with Oscar-winning writer Josh Springer.


The film covers 30 years of Bernstein's life, starting with his debut at the New York Philharmonic at the age of 25. However, special emphasis in this film is placed on the complex story of his marriage. His wife in the film is played by Carey Mulligan, and the screenplay follows the story from the moment they met in 1946 until her later years.

The American composer, conductor, and pianist, Leonard Bernstein, was one of the first American conductors to achieve world fame. He has won several Emmy awards and is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of American classical music. He was born in Massachusetts, to a Polish-Jewish family. As a boy, after attending a piano concert, he decided to pursue music. His father initially disagreed, but Leonard was determined. After studying at Harvard, he enrolled at the Curtis Institute of Music, where he was the only one to ever receive the highest grade for conducting in the class of Fritz Reiner.

While living in New York as a young man, he had relationships with both women and men. After a long time and on the advice of his mentor, Bernstein married the actress Felicia Montealegre Cohn, on September 9, 1951 (at the age of 33). With this marriage, he wanted, above all, to dispute the rumors about his bisexuality, in order to increase his chances of getting the position of director of the Boston Philharmonic. At first, Bernstein tried to be discreet in his extramarital affairs. However, as time passed and the Gay Movement in America grew stronger, Bernstein decided to leave his wife and their three children and go to live with his lover Tom Cothran. After some time, he learned that Felicia was suffering from lung cancer, so he returned to her and took care of her until her death.