MC Pocahontas ended up in the hospital!

The singer ended up in the hospital because she didn’t want to let the wind out in front of her partner.

Mar 23, 2022 - 18:27
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MC Pocahontas ended up in the hospital!

Brazilian singer Viviane de Queiroz Pereira, better known by her stage name Pocahh or MC Pocahontas, faced a situation no woman would envy, and she did what? Let's be realistic, most women would do the same in her place - she tried to make sure nothing happened, which in this case proved to be a very bad decision.

Namely, Poach ended up in the hospital after she avoided blowing the wind in front of her partner and there was a dangerous accumulation of gas in her intestines. She described it all on an Insta story she shared with her more than 15 million followers. She definitely tried to warn them not to repeat her mistake and end up in hospital because of that bizarre thing.

 I woke up early in the morning. It was like half-past five. I felt severe stomach pains and could not resist anymore. Finally, I ended up in the hospital. But no worries, I'm ok now. It was just about the accumulated gases ', she wrote next to the photo from the hospital.

' Girls, don't be ashamed to let the wind blow in front of your man. What is really embarrassing is that your man cannot sleep because you are in pain, that he is going to the hospital with you and that your diagnosis is trapped gases', the singer pointed out.

Many people are sometimes embarrassed to let go of the wind if they are in the company so they will, like Pocah, try to keep it at least for a while. However, gas retention should be avoided as the consequences can be very unpleasant, just like in her case.

The release of winds is a completely natural phenomenon and serves to expel the accumulated gases from the body. The consequences of retention can be bloating, pain, indigestion and heartburn, and not letting out winds can also encourage the development of bad bacteria in your gut. We definitely do not want that!