Michael Jordan earned six million euros from Messi's PSG jerseys

Nike is producing PSG jerseys with Jordan's Air Jordan brand, and according to the contract the company signed with the club, the famous basketball player is entitled to five percent of the earnings from the jersey sale.

Aug 23, 2021 - 15:19
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Michael Jordan earned six million euros from Messi's PSG jerseys

While one of the best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan (58), enjoys a vacation on the Adriatic coast, his bank accounts are filled daily with earnings from the sale of jerseys with Messi’s name.

Jordan earns five percent of total earnings, and PSG has so far earned about 120 million euros since Messi signed for the famous French club, which would mean that Jordan has put six million euros in his pocket.

After Messi officially became a PSG player, the Parisians released 150,000 jerseys for sale, which sold out in just seven minutes. In the next 20 minutes, fans around the world emptied the warehouse and bought another 100,000 jerseys.

The sale of Messi's jerseys has very quickly become something that happens on a daily basis, and so far they have sold them worth 120 million euros, of which PSG gets ten percent.

The jersey was sold on the official website of the Paris club for 158 euros, and those that included Messi's last name and number 30 and official "patches" on the sleeves were sold for 165 euros.

Demand is so high that Parisians are also working overtime so fans can enjoy the expensive blue or white piece with the name of the club’s new star.

The jerseys are still available in the official PSG stores, and Marca states that they are sold on the spot for around 115 euros.

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By: Helen B.