Mick Jagger: I was too feminine

The documentary series "My Life as a Rolling Stone" marks the 60th anniversary of the most famous rock and roll band in the world.

Jul 8, 2022 - 07:35
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Mick Jagger: I was too feminine

Mick Jagger stated in the documentary that Keith Richards was very negative about one of the group's biggest hits, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" before the song dominated the charts.

Released way back in 1965, "Satisfaction" became the band's first number-one hit in the United States, setting a rock standard, especially due to Richards' searing riff. After they recorded the song, Richards disagreed with the manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham's assessment that it had huge potential.

I remember sitting with Keith in a motel in Clearwater, Florida and writing ‘Satisfaction’”- said Jagger in the first episode of the BBC documentary series "My Life as a Rolling Stone" and added: “Andrew Oldham said: ‘This is a number one hit! This is great!’ and Keith replied, ‘I don't like it. It can't come out as a single.’ The song went to number one right after its release.

Jagger then talked about the success of the cult composition: “It was a big moment. The track became recognizable, it was our passionate cry, our sexuality, our controversy. You must have a song that everyone remembers. It's a significant change, which also allows you to take a much more relaxed approach to writing and production.”

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In the documentary, Mick also reflected on the growing tension with Brian Jones when the Jagger/Richards songwriting team began producing hits, which ultimately contributed to Jones' dismissal from the group in 1969. “He was very musical, he played different instruments and was very innovative, so his greatest contribution was not in melodies and lyrics, but in guitar phrases” - Jagger believes. “He liked to brag in front of people that it was his band, and we were like, ‘Really? What do you mean your band?’ We thought it was our band, not Brian's.

Jagger also stated that Jones did not approve of his stage performance. “I didn't even know I was androgynous, I was very naive. But, obviously, I was naturally like that. I flirted with it. I remember one time Brian was quite negative towards me because he thought I was too feminine. I admit that I have had moments like that.”

The documentary series "My Life as a Rolling Stone" will premiere on August 7, 2022. Each of the four episodes is an intimate portrait of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and the late drummer Charlie Watts, and features up-to-date interviews with the band members as well as guests such as American soul singer PP Arnold, Chrissy Hynde (The Pretenders), guitarist Slash (Guns N' Roses), Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith).

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