William and Kate caught in an intimate moment!

We rarely see Prince William and Kate Middleton holding hands, or kissing, but this time they made an exception and briefly exchanged affections at the match.

Jul 8, 2022 - 07:45
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William and Kate caught in an intimate moment!

Prince William and Kate Middleton exchanged tenderness on Wednesday after attending the Royal Polo match in Windsor. By the way, members of the royal family are almost never intimate in public. 

For the polo match, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a sleeveless white dress with black trim by Emilia Wickstead, which she accessorized with sunglasses and earrings. After participating in the match, the prince changed into a light blue shirt, white pants and tennis shoes. The couple was joined at the event by their dog, Orla, who joined the family in 2020. The dog was a gift from Kate's brother, James Middleton.

By the way, the royal couple is preparing for a big move from Kensington Palace, where they have lived since 2013.

Recently, a  body language expert analyzed how Kate Middleton behaves when she and Prince William are in public. Judi James, a body language expert, pointed out that Kate almost always shows two gestures in public, alongside William, which have become her trademark. It's a 'fig leaf' pose and an adoring look toward her husband.

' Before he met Kate, William was seen for years at public events in the so-called 'fig leaf' pose, with his hands clasped in front of him, approximately where a fig leaf would be on a classic nude statue,' she said and clarified that it is a gesture that shows that he is trying to protect himself, that is, to put a barrier in front of himself and that this is something that men do when they feel uncomfortable or shy.

'William made it known that he was shy and revealed that he was uncomfortable in front of the cameras,' she added. Recently, the prince doesn't do it so often anymore, but occasionally, during public appearances, he still knows how to stand in that pose, and Kate almost always reacts by standing in the same pose, mirroring her husband.

'The mirroring reflects that they are thinking the same way, but also Kate manages to pull off the pose more elegantly and less tensely, which makes William look less defensive or veiled,' explains Judi.

'It is a sign of empathy and love, and the mirroring they use is a subtle but powerful sign of their closeness as partners and the strong mutual connection of future rulers,' she said. The body language expert also notes that Kate often looks at her husband with a look full of adoration and connects with him with eyes and a smile.

William, who was rather shy of the cameras, had gained a reputation as a grump in previous years, and Kate's warm look and cheerful smile helped him get rid of that self-image. 'Kate's smile silently invites him to smile too,' concluded Judi.

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