Netflix canceled its horror series "The Midnight Club"

After just one season of airing, Netflix canceled its horror series "The Midnight Club" because of many shocking scenes.

Dec 5, 2022 - 05:18
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Netflix canceled  its horror series "The Midnight Club"

One word that describes "The Midnight Club", Mike Flanagan's new Netflix series, is death. Director Flanagan, also the author of the popular Netflix series "The Haunting of Hill House", "The Haunting of Bly Manor"  and "Midnight Mass", this time gave us a very difficult but very touching story about a group of terminally ill teenagers who spend their last days in a home for the infirm.

This time, director Mike Flanagan tried with "The Midnight Club" series to focus his attention on a slightly younger audience. Based on the work of young writer Christopher Pike, "The Midnight Club" is about a group of terminally ill teenagers who live in a creepy facility called Brightcliffe Hospice. The series explores the existential anxiety of the oblivion that awaits us after death, as well as the hope for healing and tranquility, and the way to bond in difficult times. This group of teenagers reminded us of what friendships should be - full of love, understanding, and support in good and difficult moments. It is as if we've returned to our childhood when relationships, it seems, were more honest and open.

Entered the Guinness Book of Records

Through 10 episodes, viewers saw a lot of paranormal and supernatural things, and the series even entered the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of shock scenes in just one episode. In these scenes, someone or something suddenly appears with the aim of scaring the characters, but also the viewers.

Author Mike Flanagan incorporated as many as 21 jump-scares into one episode of the series, which is the most in history. Flanagan says he's not really a fan of such scenes, but by exaggerating this time, he decided to silence those who lament such scenes in recent titles.

"I thought - ok, we'll do them all at once, so if we do it right, such scenes will become pointless by the end of the series. No one will want to watch them anymore. But that didn't happen. Now they're just asking for more," he said. And this was the main reason why Netflix canceled airing this series.

Post By: Vanessa F.