Netflix: Millions of earnings for Turkish actors

Digital platforms have entered the market of Turkish series and are making a serious stir.

Jul 21, 2022 - 17:15
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Netflix: Millions of earnings for Turkish actors

Journalists of the Ucankus publication received reliable information on how much Turkish actors earn from this digital platform. The numbers really shocked some! Previously, the earnings were around 150 thousand Turkish lira per episode, now the amount has increased several times. The minimum salary is 50,000 US dollars (about 435 thousand Turkish Liras) per episode. Salaries go up to 120,000 dollars per episode (one million and fifty thousand TL) for the biggest stars.

For example, Beren Saat earned $110,000 per episode for the series Atiye / The Gift. That is somewhere around 955 thousand Turkish Liras. Engin Akyurek received an amount of 90,000 dollars (780 thousand TL) for his series. In addition, actors are increasingly participating in the creation of the series itself. In his new series, Engin is not only an actor, but also one of the creators of the very idea for the script. Cagatay Ulusoy, in addition to playing the main role in the movie Paper Lives, was also a creative producer.

The impression is that digital platforms not only pay well but also develop the creativity of actors, which is very important for many. Turkish actors not only earn good money but also further develop and improve by working on Netflix projects.

Digital platforms are winning battles with television channels and are taking on an increasing number of acting stars. The owner of the TV8 channel, Acun Ilicali, decided to enter this race and offer actors 200-300 thousand liras for roles in the series of his digital platform Exxen.

However, Netflix has raised the earnings of actors so much that they are slowly becoming absolute winners. That said, Netflix isn't the only digital platform causing problems for TV series. Other international digital platforms, Amazon, HBO, and Disney, have also entered the market in Turkey.

Post by: Rinna James