New Dog Moms!Hannah Brown & Chrissy Teigen

Jan 23, 2022 - 17:18
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New Dog Moms!Hannah Brown & Chrissy Teigen

For some it is the next step in their relationship, for others, it is a new addition to the family. Celebrity pets are at least two members stronger this week, as two star-couples welcomed new pups in just 3 days.

Hannah Brown,27, showed off her Australian labradoodle and wrote: "Wally Meets World," on Instagram. I'm an official dog mom," Brown added.

The Bachelorette star  Adam Woolard picked Wally up at the airport and documented everything with heartwarming posts to melt their 2.5 million Instagram followers hearts.

"Welcome home little buddy," Woolard, 33,  posted. Brown commented: "So glad you're my doggie's daddy."

"Adorable!!!!" Andi Dorfman commented. "Welcome to the dog mom club babe!" Sailor Brinkley Cook wrote. Matt James left screaming emojis.

Brown posted a video of Wally's first, well...everything. The first ride, first walk on a leash, then his first trip to the beach, and more. She even took a poll and asked her followers to vote on making Wally a profile.

It looks like Wally had a lot of fun!

"First day with Wally has been so much better than I even expected. He's so awesome. ... He's been super tired today but also really fun. He's fun to play with. ... He's calm but still playful," she shared.

"He's just the best little dude. Best boy. ... I know it's the first day but he's checked off all the boxes. He pooped on his poop pad!" Woolard added as Brown chimed in: "First time. First, poo on the poop pad. Now, we did chase him with it and maybe put it under there, but he did it."

Chrissy Teigen also got a new puppy a few days ago.'The Best Cuddler in Our Whole House' is Pebbles.

The model and cookbook author and her spouse John Legend  revealed their new pet on Instagram   

"Thank you for introducing us to this little bug, @jenatkinhair and @mrmikerosenthal! she is perfectly sweet and adorable and I *think* perhaps the best cuddler in our whole house," Teigen wrote.

Pebbles has a special duty. Her job is to chase away "bed monsters" and protect her 5-year-old owner Luna Simone.

"She came to us with the job of protecting little luna from bed monsters and I'm happy to report there has not been a single one seen (heard? no idea) since her arrival!" Teigen wrote. "Give this girl a raiiiiise honey! Welcome to the family, tiny little pebbles! (And thank you for trusting us with her, @pawworks