New hit series: ' Slow horses'

'Slow Horses' has every chance to become a hit, even the theme music of 'Strange Game' was sung by Mick Jagger.

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New hit series: ' Slow horses'

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Gary Oldman already played a top spy operative in the film adaptation of John LeCarré'snovel "Boy, Lady, King, Spy". But that was not his special preparation for the series "Slow Horses".

While Smiley ( role from the other ecranisation) is self-effacing, dressed in old-fashioned clothes and tries not to attract attention, Lambu doesn't care at all. He's messy, his socks are full of holes, and he's constantly sipping from whatever he can get his hands on. And if you want to sit in the passenger seat of his car, you first have to knock over a pile of trash - from empty cigarette packs to grocery bags that he masochistically places there. 

In fact, it is a picture of the spy department he leads, which is called "Mud House". It is staffed by "slow horses".Those are spies who have made a bad mistake,  so they are sometimes fired, they work on extremely unimportant jobs, and only in rare cases do they manage to return to the nice, airy offices on the floor above them. Lamb, however, should not be underestimated, regardless of the image and appearance of a sloppy and disinterested guy. When needed, Lamb will pull out some compromising document or photo and is willing to trade until he gets what he wants.

"Slow Horses" is a new and ambitious series of the streaming platform Apple TV+, which systematically paves the way in the overcrowded American market. It was launched at the end of 2019, and it tries to differentiate itself from its competitors by having a selected offer of originals.

 "Slow Horses" has every chance to become a hit, even the theme music of "Strange Game" was sung by Mick Jagger, and there is really no shortage of exciting plots. The first season has six episodes (they last from forty to fifty minutes), and the main protagonist is River Cartwright (Scottish actor Jack Lowden). He is a young MI5 agent who would have a bright future if he hadn't made a fatal mistake during a military exercise. Someone else would suffer worse consequences - he is, namely, the grandson of David Cartwright (Jonathan Pryce), a retired MI5 veteran. River is transferred to the "Mud House", where he meets Jackson Lamb and he was not so impressed by his superior.

The jobs that the young man gets there are not even that frivolous, for example, he has to follow the notorious right-wing journalist Robert Hobden ( Paul Hilton ), together with his colleague Sid Baker ( Olivia Cooke ), who proves to be more dexterous than him, which is not entirely coincidental, because her bosses hired her to look after him.

The first two or three episodes of "Slow Horses" are rather difficult to follow due to the abundance of characters, but when you master the plot and protagonists, you will watch the series to the end literally breathless. 

The second season was filmed based on Herron's next book "Dead Lions", which received the Golden Dagger Award from the Association of Crime Writers in 2013. Its production has actually ended because it was filmed parallel to the first season as a precaution against the new pandemic: we will probably watch it in early or late autumn, and as Gary Oldman became very attached to the character of Jackson Lamb, contracts were already signed for the third and fourth seasons. Obviously, spy series are back in fashion, and the classic kind, although we don't reject modernist varieties such as "Killing Eve" with Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh.


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