"Noryang: Deadly Sea" surpasses 4 million moviegoers in less than 18 days!

The movie "Noryang: Deadly Sea" is the third and final installment in director Kim Han-Min's trilogy.

Jan 6, 2024 - 14:39
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"Noryang: Deadly Sea" surpasses 4 million moviegoers in less than 18 days!

In 2023, South Korean director Kim Han-min directed the third and final film of his trilogy about Admiral Yi Sun-sin, known as "God's Admiral". The movie "Noryang: Deadly Sea"  describes the last battle that Yi Sun-sin fought during the Japanese invasions of Korea.

The Battle of Noryang took place on December 15, 1598, in the Noryang Strait between Korea and Japan. The battle pitted Korean and Japanese forces against each other, with Yi Sun-sin leading the Korean forces. The battle was one of the largest naval battles in history and ended with a Korean victory.
The movie "Noryang: Deadly Sea" is a spectacular historical drama depicting the heroism and courage of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The film is well-directed and performed, and the action scenes are exciting and realistic.

What can we expect?

The film begins in 1598 when the Japanese invasion of Korea entered its fourth year. The Japanese forces initially achieved significant success, but the Korean forces, under the leadership of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, managed to prevent their advance. The film shows how Yi Sun-sin prepares the Korean forces for the final battle against the Japanese. The battle will take place in the Noryang Strait, where the Korean forces were outnumbered.
Yi Sun-sin is aware that Korea is on the verge of defeat, but he is determined to put up a strong resistance to the Japanese. He comes up with an ingenious plan that will give the Korean forces a chance to win. The battle of Noryang is directed beautifully. The audience never loses focus of the sensation despite taking place at night. The darkness is a crucial element in building tension, but it never consumes the entire sequence. The sea battle set piece and the CGI used to recreate the epic battle is a stellar accomplishment but is to be expected after director Kim Han-min’s "Hansan: Rising Dragon".

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