Olivia Munn is expecting her first child, the father is already married!

Actress Olivia Munn and comedian John Mulaney are expecting a baby, but the scandal surrounding his ex-current wife is shaking the world.

Nov 17, 2021 - 02:33
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Olivia Munn is expecting her first child, the father is already married!

The happy news that the beautiful actress Olivia Munn is expecting her first child with the troubled comedian John Mulaney has traveled the world.

She recently revealed that she is very excited about the pregnancy, but also that she is afraid of childbirth itself. She added that she is greatly supported by her partner John.

Although the actress tried to hide that she was expecting a child all this time and therefore rarely appeared in public, she still confirmed the rumors and revealed the truth in the 'Late Night Show' in September.

And after the pregnancy chase subsided, her sweetheart came to the center of attention. In addition to his well-known struggle with addiction to alcohol, much has been written about his turbulent marriage to his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. However, it was recently learned that his ex is not an ex at all, and the comedian then stated that he would do everything he could to speed up the divorce.

John ​​wants to divorce as fast as possible to preserve his and his partner’s reputation. He does not want Olivia to be talked about as a woman who destroys marriages, a source told world media.

John and his wife filed for divorce in February this year during his last rehabilitation, and in May it was revealed that he was seeing the beautiful Olivia.