Orlando Bloom clashes with local crime boss in "Red Right Hand" trailer!

Andie MacDowell also stars in the tense thriller, which hits theaters in February.

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Orlando Bloom clashes with local crime boss in "Red Right Hand" trailer!

Magnolia Pictures released the first trailer for the tense action thriller "Red Right Hand", which shows Orlando Bloom once again stepping into the line of fire to protect his loved ones. Bloom plays Cash, a man whose peaceful life in Odim County is disturbed by local crime boss Big Cat ( Andie MacDowell ). Once again forced to work under her tutorship, he decides to stand up for his home and his only remaining family.
The trailer introduces us to Cash who is dedicated to taking care of his niece Savannah ( Chapel Oaks ), who was recently orphaned, but the presence of the crime queen makes it even more difficult. Cash and Big Cat have a history thanks to his family, and he'll have to get his hands dirty to ensure his safety and pay off some debts.

As Cash slides deeper into this nightmarish situation he realizes just how far he is willing to go for Savannah, while things are only going to get more brutal and bloody. This story will not shy away from dark violence thanks to Cash, who will have the line between good and evil blurred as he goes on a grueling journey to simply save what he loves.

"Red Right Hand" is the latest film from brothers Ian and Eshom Nelms, the directing duo behind 2020's violent and darkly comedic Christmas film "Fatman". Although they usually write screenplays for their projects, this time they joined forces with Jonathan Easley, who is writing with them for the first time.
A strong cast led by the rough and tumble Bloom and the terrifying MacDowell also includes Garret Dillahunt, Scott Haze, Mo McRae, Brian Geraghty, Kenneth Miller,​ and Nicholas Logan.
The film "Red Right Hand" will be released in theaters and digital form on February 23.

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