Ozzy Osbourne to undergo major surgery

Sharon headed to Los Angeles to be with Ozzy all the time...

Jun 14, 2022 - 08:07
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Ozzy Osbourne to undergo major surgery
Sharon Osbourne spoke about the battle for the health of her famous husband Ozzy in "The Talk UK", and revealed that she is packing her suitcases and leaving for Los Angeles, in order to support him. "Prince of Darkness" has to go under the knife, and only after operations will be known how he will continue to live, explained the worried wife, who, however, did not reveal what exactly he is dealing with now.

Due to these private obligations, she will not appear in front of the cameras in the next month. “It is a big surgery, on Monday. I have to be with him. It will really show how things will continue in his life” - Sharon said briefly, adding that Ozzy (73) is currently in a good mood. He didn't even have to tell her that - everything was clear to her according to how he reacted to her return home. "When we talked, he joked: 'What, they haven't fired you yet?" I told him: "No, I'm still here! This is a record!'" She pointed out. In a post on Instagram on this very topic, she said: “Thank you for everything, see you soon” - so she marked "The Talk" with a heart emoticon.

Let us remind you, Ozzy has really struggled when it comes to health in recent years. He operated on his arm in 2018, and he also had problems with infections a year later. In 2020, it was revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease almost 20 years ago. “It is not that it is a death sentence, it is a milder form. I'm not shaking” - he said during an interview with "Radio.com", and continued: “The doctor told me that we pass at least ten people with the same problem every day, and just don’t notice. It is not, for example, that a pimple appears on your forehead as a sign. Only one day you just start moving strangely.

That same year, by the way, Ozzy had to undergo neck surgery. “I had one performance and I fell. That disturbed my nerves, so I had to go to the table” - the rocker explained on one occasion. Due to health problems, he later had to give up the tour. He hoped to get new dates, but he also pointed out that he will not appear on the stage until he is 100 percent sure that he is well. In April, however, he "earned" a covid. "It will take me about a week to get my man back on his feet," Sharon said at the time.