Poodle got addicted to cocaine in Playboy Willa

Hefner had to keep the dog away from guests during his debauched house parties because the villa was 'full of drugs'.

Jan 10, 2022 - 06:55
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Poodle got addicted to cocaine in Playboy Willa

Poodle of Hugh Hefner's best friend, film director John Dante, reportedly developed a cocaine addiction after spending some time at a Playboy mansion.

One of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Sondra Theodore, gave details about the poodle, claiming that Hefner had to keep it away from guests during his debauched house parties because the villa was “full of drugs”.

"John Dante was Hef's best friend. He had a dog, Louis, and that little poodle got addicted to cocaine. The dog would smell him on the other side of the room, so they had to lock him up when people were around," Sondra told in a recent interview.

She added that the poodle would jump every time it detected the presence of drugs nearby, and most guests would consume something. "One night a very famous person came into the villa and that dog jumped off the couch and started licking his nose. She said, 'He just loves me,' but we all knew why that dog was on her," she added.

Hefner's former employee Lisa Loving Barrett also revealed in the documentary "Secrets of Playboy" that "cocaine was a big deal" at the Playboy mansion, so drugs could be stored under toilet paper holders.

Recall, Playboy bunnies after the death of Hugh Hefner untied the language about the dark secrets that were shared in the villa for years.

Former Playboy bunny Jenna Bentley has revealed the details about Hugh Hefner’s life. She moved into the villa in 2007, when she was just 18 years old. Namely, she stayed in the villa for only a year and experienced the craziest parties of her life. Numerous celebrities did not miss Hefner’s parties. But the girls had very strict rules that they had to abide by, and they also signed a confidentiality agreement.

They had a curfew, starting at 9 o’clock in the evening. If the bunnies were late to return to the villa, they would have to sleep on the grass in front of the villa as punishment.

Although Jenna lived with many other girls at the villa, she admitted she had never slept with Hefner.

She also said that many famous world faces came to the villa to visit crazy parties and consume intoxicants. Another rule that Playboy bunnies were supposed to follow was that they must not have boyfriends. They strictly controlled their lives and were not allowed to love anyone but their boss Hefner. If they had a boyfriend, they would be kicked out of the villa immediately.

Holly Madison is Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. She wrote her memoirs and shocked the public with the facts. Holly spoke about the bizarre sexual desires of Playboy Empire owners and drugged orgies in which bunnies were forced to participate. If they wanted to live in a luxury villa for free, they had to obey the orders of their boss.

Hugh and Holly began dating in 2001, and he immediately took control of her finances and did not allow her to make money outside of his empire. He held them as slaves. But while they were together she said she wanted to marry him and to have children with him. Hugh also claimed he would be with her for the rest of his life.

Madison described their breakup as a final ‘ cure ’.