Queen Elizabeth has no formal education

Although she met many politicians, movie stars, and successful entrepreneurs, Queen Elizabeth never went to school in the traditional sense.

Aug 30, 2021 - 13:56
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Queen Elizabeth has no formal education

Queen Elizabeth did not have time for formal education, because she had to learn about the monarchy from an early age.

While her children and grandchildren achieved significant academic results and completed prestigious schools, the Queen did not attend a traditional school, but, according to media, she was educated at home, where she had prominent teachers.

Before she turned seven, she learned to read, write, play the piano, and dance. She spent most of her childhood with nannies, and her mother had a great influence on her orientation towards the Christian religion.

As formal education was not a priority for her parents, she, as a girl, had private lessons regarding future royal duties, as she had to prepare for the role that awaited her after the abdication of Uncle Edward VIII.

The Queen's father did not like school, and her mother thought it was more important to have fun, said Professor Kate Williams, author of the book "Young Elizabeth".

Prince Charles

The tradition of homeschooling was interrupted by her son, Prince Charles, who became the first heir to the British throne to attend university and earn a degree.

From the very beginning, everyone had high expectations of him and he was under constant surveillance.

With the title, Elizabeth also received responsibilities that prevented her from spending time with her children, but she relied on her husband when decisions were made regarding the family.

Prince Charles was homeschooled, under the supervision of governess Catherine Peebles, who supported his insecurity. Although he was incredibly talented, he was easily distracted. When he turned eight, the Queen and Prince Philip decided to continue his education away from the Palace.

In the royal limousine, in 1957, he was brought in front of the "Hill House" school, because his family thought that he should grow up in as normal an environment as possible, like his peers. However, after only six months, his father transferred him to "Cheam Scholl" in Hampshire, where the boys were being prepared to go to boarding school.

He never liked it there and was very unhappy. After finishing school, he wanted to enroll in Eton, but still, Prince Philip decided to enroll him in the Scottish "Gordonstoun" and follow in his footsteps.

Studying in Gordonstoun was challenging, the students started the day by running before breakfast and then took a shower with ice water.

Charles admitted that Gourdonstone helped him and taught him self-discipline and self-control, but also guided him through life.

Princes William and Harry

The princes were educated at the Scottish boarding school Eton.

William did brilliantly in geography, art history, and biology, and he graduated in geography at the University "St. Andrews” in Scotland. There he also met his wife Kate, who graduated in art history.

He joined the Royal Military Academy "Sandhurst" in 2006, where he acquired the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Harry chose a different path than his brother.

After graduating from Eaton College, he enrolled in the Military Academy in 2005, and he also participated in the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, as a military helicopter pilot. He left the military service in 2015.

The children of Prince William and Kate attend a private school which is intended for the education of children from four to 13 years of age. William and Kate can often be seen driving children to school.

When it comes to Meghan Markle, she graduated in theater and international studies at Northwestern’s School of Communication, which is considered a prestigious university in the United States. In addition, she did an internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires.

By: Helen B.