Rumors Say That Janet Jackson Hid Her Daughter For 37 Years!

The music star lost her baby almost four decades ago, but there is a rumor about an abortion that does not stop circulating!

Jun 25, 2021 - 10:08
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Rumors Say That Janet Jackson Hid Her Daughter For 37 Years!

Fans of pop star Janet Jackson are well aware that the famous pop star lost her baby back in 1984, but her ex claims that this is not true. Her ex-husband James DeBarge said in 2016 in the documentary "Hip-hop growing up" that the child was born.

A member of the famous musical family Jackson and the younger sister of the "King of Pop" stood on a crazy stone with Debarge in 1984, after a very short relationship, and the marriage was annulled after only a year.

At that time, rumors were circulating in Hollywood that Janet was pregnant and that she had lost her baby, but a few years ago, the American media wrote that there was not much truth in that. Apparently, there was no miscarriage, the singer gave birth to a girl, and then hid for decades!

"I'm tired of hiding," DeBarge said in the documentary. - I am tired of the fact that the truth does not come to light, that people act like cowards. I wanted to talk about it because someone had to! Honestly, I didn't even know it then. She made me believe that a baby does not exist and that I have believed gossip for years. But the gossip is true - he explained.

The singer did not comment on these accusations.

By the way, she was briefly married to the famous Qatari businessman Wissam Al Manna and she was so dedicated to this love that she converted to Islam because of it. At the age of 51, she gave birth to their son Eis Al Manna.

However, their love did not last, and the singer allegedly suffered psychological abuse in her marriage.

By: Angelica W. - Gossip Whispers