Sad: Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers then and now

Hollywood actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has tarnished his name many times over the years due to his severe addiction to alcohol.

Jul 28, 2022 - 19:34
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Sad: Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers then and now

Irish acting star Jonathan Rhys Meyers celebrates his 45th birthday today. He is known for his roles in the series 'The Tudors', 'Dracula' and 'Vikings', but apart from his great acting successes, his life and career were marked by alcohol addiction, which completely destroyed him. Allegedly, he went to rehab six times - the first time in 2005. Due to his terrible addiction, he was often at the center of scandals, and the first major one occurred in 2011 when a French court ordered him to pay compensation of one thousand euros, and also gave him a suspended sentence for being drunk in public two years earlier, when he threatened French police officers at a French airport. In 2015, sad photos were leaked to the public in which the actor was walking around the city in a visibly intoxicated state with a bottle of vodka in his hand. He then publicly apologized to his fans.

Back in 2017, the actor was denied boarding on a flight from Dublin to Vancouver due to, you guessed it, being intoxicated after his wife Mara Lane suffered a miscarriage. Then she explained that her husband took the miscarriage extremely hard and started drinking again to cope with the loss. However, a year later, another incident occurred during a plane flight on the Miami-Los Angeles route, which perhaps marked him the most.

The actor was traveling with his wife and their then one-year-old son, Wolf, and everything that could go wrong did. Passengers told foreign media that he drank alcohol during the flight, and behaved rudely towards fellow passengers, and especially towards his wife. 'Shit, I'm leaving you,' he yelled at her when she asked him to stop smoking his e-cigarette.

' He ordered drink after drink. He was going to the toilet the whole time, I counted more than 15 times. You could hear him pounding inside, it was very strange. During the journey he became increasingly agitated, muttering, cursing under his breath and kicking his feet. He couldn't sit still. At one point I had to switch places with my wife because it was horrible. I couldn't relax,' one of the passengers told Sun Online.

The flight attendants tried to calm him down, but it only made the situation worse. Passengers claimed that at one point he burst into tears and that his pants fell to his knees. 'I don't think he even noticed,' said one passenger.  After the scandal, he again sought professional help and apologized to his wife. But the dramas did not end there either. In 2020, he was arrested after covering up a car accident in Malibu. He was in an alcoholic state, which was confirmed by a breathalyzer, but he was released and paid $500 with the obligation to attend a rehab program.

By the way, the actor has been married to his wife Mara Lane since 2016, and their son Wolf was born in the same year. They met back in 2013, and only a year later the actor got down on one knee. 


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