Where are they now? The worlds most-watched TV show EVER!

Feb 2, 2022 - 19:22
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Where are they now?  The worlds most-watched TV show EVER!

Where are Mitch, CJ, Summer and the rest of the crew in red swimsuits today?

The popular series 'Baywatch' was first broadcast back in 1989, and it followed lifeguards on a beach in Southern California. They rescued people that were suspiciously prone to accidents. Of course, most often we could see all variations of drowning. However, we saw earthquakes, shark attacks and even an unusual serial killer. Although the series initially failed and was cancelled, David Hasselhoff was convinced it has amazing potential. He even invested his own money and became an executive producer. In 1991 Hasselhof resurrected the series, and it and it became the most-watched TV show of all times. 'Baywatch' was watched by 1.1 billion people a week in 140 countries.


The stars of the 90s were famous all around the world, generations grew up, or raised their children watching it. No wonder even today we wonder where Mitch, CJ and other famous characters are? Even the characters we saw just a few times, like Charlie. Do you remember her?

We simply must start with CJ! Pamela Anderson


The lush beauty, originally from Canada, was not part of the original cast. She joined as Casey Jean, better known as CJ, in the third season, but soon became the main star of the series. Pamela Anderson once said that she was attracted to the role because she shared 'New Age Thinking' with her character. Pam was also interested in crystals, meditation and dream analysis. Male viewers were more interested in her enchanting figure in a red bathing suit. After securing her status as a sex symbol, Anderson retired after five seasons. 

She posed on a record 13 Playboy covers!

Pam also starred in the “VIP” series, which featured a combination of action and humour. In that series, Pamela often added various remarks about her image in the tabloids. She also starred in the sci-fi film ‘Barb Wire’, which turned out to be a complete fiasco and was nominated for 6 Golden Raspberries and declared among the ‘20 Greatest Failures of the 20th Century’.

Apart from acting, she was also known for her turbulent love life. After Tommy Lee, she was engaged to Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg and was also married to rapper Kid Rock for a year. She also married professional poker player Rick Salomon, but they divorced. The reason was a bit unusual, have you ever heard of a divorce because of fraud? Later, she even remarried and divorced him again. Her marriage to Hollywood producer Jon Peters was annulled after only a few days. The sixth and final marriage followed with bodyguard Dan Hayhurst, but Pamela Anderson announced last month that she is going to divorce him too.

Today 54, she loudly supports WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, visits him at the Ecuadorian embassy and has published six books, one written in collaboration with orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach, about intimacy and passion in love.

Who was your favourite in the series?

Next time we will probably talk about David Hasselhoff, he was already a well-known actor before he appeared in Baywatch and there is so much to tell. His life is probably as turbulent as Pam‘s, so be sure to check the next part of “Where are they now? The world most-watched TV show EVER!”