Savannah Guthrie - Unexpected Career News

Mar 10, 2022 - 03:18
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Savannah Guthrie - Unexpected Career News

The NBC News anchor has plenty of other admirers.

Savannah Guthrie had an unexpected career moment in the middle of the week after co-creating a new program with her co-stars.

Starting from Scratch, a new program on NBC News will see the Today host learning the ins and outs of the kitchen.

Savannah's co-stars, who are well-known among her fans and co-stars for finding cooking difficult, found the new culinary program really entertaining!

"If you've followed us over the years, you've probably realized pretty readily that Savannah, our buddy here, is somewhat challenged when it comes to specific dishes," her co-star Carson Daly told viewers.

The mother-of-two went on to clarify more about her new program, saying: "I've been filming a cookery show for the last few months that I can't even speak without giggling. It's called Starting from Scratch, and I'm doing the slicing and dicing, with the assistance of culinary symbols."

Chef Elizabeth Heiskell, who helped Savannah produce the ultimate grilled cheese, was the first to sign up. Savannah revealed in a teaser of the first episode, "I genuinely don't know the first thing about cooking!"

While her co-stars were watching the preview, Carson taunted Savannah, saying, "Good work with your grilled cheese Savannah," to which she retorted, "I'm already not receiving support!"

Despite the ridicule from her coworkers, the journalist received a lot of support from her viewers. "Bravo, you did fantastically!" one commenter said, while another added, "Culinary queen!" "We are so here for this!" said a third. "I'm a poor chef, therefore I want to grow better with you," said a fourth.

Savannah also said in the promo for the upcoming program that some of the foods she was learning to prepare will please her children.

The actress is a devoted mother to her two children, Vale and Charles, whom she shares with husband Michael Feldman.

The TV favorite enjoys nothing more than being a mother and lives in a lovely New York house. During the epidemic, she worked from home most of the time so that she could spend as much time as possible with her children.