Sons of Metallica's drummer form their own band Taipei Houston

The sons of Lars Ulrich, Metallica's drummer, formed a two-member band called "Taipei Houston".

Sons of Metallica's drummer form their own band Taipei Houston

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Metallica's drummer, Lars Ulrich, has a reason to be proud of his two sons as they have recently decided to follow in his footsteps. According to NME, Layne Ulrich plays bass and sings, while his brother Myles is on drums. On Wednesday, they shared a part of the new song "Respecter" on Instagram.

Although they have not yet confirmed the official date, the Ulrich brothers announced last week that they will release new music soon. On that occasion, they also confirmed that they will hold a concert on September 9 in Long Beach, California.

Their father, the legendary drummer of one of the world's most famous rock bands, shared the news on an Instagram story with the caption:  "Check it out… A couple of dudes named Ulrich…".

A couple of months ago, Lars commented that he doesn't listen to Metallica's songs, because he is "too analytical about the details".

"It's basically almost impossible for me to listen to a Metallica song without going, 'Okay, how are the sonics, how's the mix, how does the guitar sound? The vocals are too loud, the bass is too boomy.' It becomes this exercise in analytics. When you hear your favorite band - like if I listened to Rage Against the Machine or something, I just fucking let myself go. But when Metallica comes on it's like, 'Huh?' " Lars added.

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By: Helen B.