Stacey Solomon Got Emotional

Mar 13, 2022 - 11:41
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Stacey Solomon Got Emotional

Last year, the star lost one of her pets.

Last year, Stacey Solomon suffered a sad loss when one of her favorite canines, Theo, died.

The diva quickly acquired another dog, Teddy, whose name was a touching allusion to her late pet, and now her home is adorned with a lovely memorial to Theo. On Saturday, the Loose Women singer revealed on Instagram Stories that a pal had sent her candles that were modeled after her favorite cats. The wicks were affixed to the heads of all three candles, which were made of white wax.

The actress released a video with her followers in which she displayed the candles, but she didn't talk in the video, instead of adding a poignant song to emphasize how emotional the presents were.

She posted beside a sobbing emoji, "Our friends sent us a Theo, Teddy, and Peanut as candles." "It's made me so upset."

„I wish Theo had had the opportunity to meet Teddy; I'm certain she would have adored him."

"They're from a tiny business called @unwrittenaromas and they're really gorgeous," the diva said.

Stacey's pet chihuahua died on Boxing Day, and the mother of four admitted that she felt "completely adrift" without her little companion.

"Sweet dreams Theo," she captioned a photo collage of the dog on Instagram. "We couldn't have asked for a better buddy.“

"Our hearts are shattered. I've never felt so empty in my lap."

Stacey has not only lit candles in honor of her beloved Theo, but she has also dedicated a section of the garden to his memory.

The 32-year-old wrote: "I added black stones around a heart-shaped flame inside my customized dog dish and wrote: "For Theo, we had a memorial plaque built. She is lying beneath a magnolia tree. The most beautiful tree in the garden, yet, like you, Theo, it never blossoms for long enough. We are missing you."

Stacey set the candle and bowl next to a glass jar that used to store Theo's food and was now filled with a bouquet of gorgeous white flowers.

The following was also carved on a wooden sign: "The name of the character is Theo. Theo, our sweetheart. We are very fortunate to be able to adore you, and we will never stop. Fifi's sweet dreams, 2010-2021."