Tara Reid went too far with her thinness

The actress of the hit movie 'American Pie', Tara Reid, once again worried fans with her drunken look and the condition of her figure. She can barely stand on her feet, but claims she is not malnourished.

Feb 17, 2022 - 06:51
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Tara Reid went too far with her thinness

Tara Reid is known for the hit comedy 'American Pie', but after that movie, she did not have prominent roles. Today, the focus is on her appearance. Reid moved to Hollywood in 1997 and broke through in the 1998 film ‘The Big Lebowski’. She also appeared in the 1999 hit drama ‘Cruel Intentions’. That same year, she was part of the cast of the comedy ‘American Pie’ where she embodied the ‘girl next door’, the sweet Vicky.

Apart from her turbulent love life, Tara also attracted attention with her appearance, or better to say her thinness and the disappearance of the curves she once had. She received a lot of criticism, and she claimed that there was no problem. 

'I really eat a lot, but as we can see I have a fast metabolism. It's all funny to my friends because they know how much I eat ', said the actress. She confessed that she went for liposuction because she wanted to have abs, and she also trimmed her breasts because she wanted them to be equal to her. But this resulted in a deformity that the plastic surgeon had to deal with with a new procedure. Tara's drunken look was also commented on, and experts said that it was the result of Botox and her former addiction to alcohol. The actress struggled with ugly comments in her Instagram posts.

‘Anyone who has a fast metabolism understands that it is impossible to gain weight. All I do is eat. Everyone who writes me something beautiful and stands up for me, I love you! Keep spreading that love, it is the only thing that will save this world ', she wrote at the end of October with her photo in a bathing suit.