Tesla: Did they fake a promotional video

Did they fake a promotional video of fully autonomous driving at Tesla?

Jan 18, 2023 - 18:16
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Tesla: Did they fake a promotional video

An engineer testified that the promotional video for Tesla's autonomous driving in 2016 had fabricated scenarios.

Tesla has boasted for years that it has the greatest autonomous driving system in the world, yet it is frequently the focus of controversy.

Some of the accidents in which these systems were involved were caused by the fact that "totally automated driving" is not entirely autonomous, and that in some countries, they had to stop promoting the driver assistance system as Autopilot because it was deemed misleading.

Another claim has been added to the list of Tesla Autopilot scandals, which is reminiscent of the scandal that cost the reputation of the Nikola Motor company and its management at the time. Some scenes were faked while filming a video in 2016 to promote the fact that all Teslas will have hardware capable of fully autonomous driving.

Elon Musk used the film to promote his automobiles "that drive themselves" and "without human contact" when it was released in October 2016. The video was shot on a Model X with current hardware and software, however, an engineer asserts that Teslas from that year did not have certain features apparent in the disputed videos.

Autopilot's chief of development, Ashok Elluswamy, testified in a trial related to a tragic crash in 2018 that portion of the footage was purposely edited. His statement was taped last summer, but the specifics are only now being made public.

Elluswamy informed the court that, contrary to what was presented in the promotional video, Teslas could not automatically stop at a red traffic light and then restart when the light turned green in 2016.

"The video's purpose was not to adequately depict what is accessible to customers in 2016. "The goal was to demonstrate what could be incorporated into the system," he explained.

You may see the disputed video below, and in this instance, you could hear more - Tesla's autonomous driving system is being investigated by the US Department of Justice due to potentially deceptive statements regarding Autopilot's capabilities.

Post by Bryan C.