The best homemade masks for dry hair

Occasional hair care such as regular haircuts and the use of masks and oils will help keep it healthy and shiny. Haircare is very important

Mar 23, 2022 - 04:30
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The best homemade masks for dry hair

Occasional hair care such as regular haircuts and the use of masks and oils will help keep it healthy and shiny. Haircare is especially important on hot summer days. Sun and water can further dry your hair and that is why we bring you the best masks for dry hair.

Going to a drugstore and looking for the perfect mask that will nourish your hair can be tedious and boring. Even if you take a product that promises to recover hair, its ingredients speak differently.

After the summer, it is best to recover your hair by treating it once a week with masks that you made at home. We also recommend that you avoid appliances such as hair dryers, irons, or curling irons as little as possible, as they further affect its damage.

Mask of coconut oil and honey

Coconut oil has proven to be the best ingredient for all hair types. This oil restores and recovers hair, making it softer and shinier. Today you can buy it in almost any market and sometimes it is enough for a mask.

Honey is a natural moisturizer which means it gives moisture to the hair, giving it an extra boost of hydration. Honey also makes your hair smoother while moisturizing your scalp to restore your lost softness and shine. So, this is a great homemade mask for curly hair. To make the mask you need to mix honey and coconut oil in a bowl. The ratio depends on the length of the hair, so adjust the amount of the mask to yourself.

Once you have made the mask apply it to the hair from top to bottom completely covering the hair. If you have a greasy scalp, apply this mixture from the ears down. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with the shampoo and conditioner you normally use.

Tea as an excellent hair mask

You’ve heard all the standard hair masks made from mayonnaise, beer, and even eggs. Women have been using food for years to make their hair shinier. Tea is another food that is great for homemade masks. Black tea gives the shine and softness that hair needs.

All you have to do is make black tea and let it cool. Then apply the tea to your hair and it should stand for about 10 minutes. This is a quick and easy mask that gives more than great results. Therefore, if you like to enjoy tea, allow your hair to feel the magic of black tea.

The famous mayonnaise mask

When homemade, natural mayonnaise masks are the first ingredient that everyone remembers. Almost all of us had the opportunity to try mayonnaise and test its effect on hair. Due to the high content of eggs, mayonnaise provides hydration to the hair and makes it firm. Combined with olive oil and eggs this is one of the best masks for dry hair.

To make the famous mayonnaise mask, you need to mix mayonnaise, half a tablespoon of olive oil, and three egg yolks. Apply the resulting mixture to the whole hair. It is advisable to put your hair in a bun and over it a plastic shower cap or an ordinary plastic bag. The mask should be left on for 20 minutes and then rinse well with shampoo.

Mask of banana, honey, and yogurt

This mask works well as a package for dry hair because bananas are rich in vitamins, potassium, and carbohydrates that together help retain moisture and remove haircuts. Yogurt has a high level of lactic acid which is excellent in repairing damaged hair. The last ingredient is honey which gives dry hair moisture and hydration.

Preparing the mask is very simple. Mix yogurt, bananas, and one tablespoon of honey until combined. Then apply the resulting mixture on damp hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. It is desirable to tie your hair and cover it with a plastic cap or bag. After half an hour, you can continue with your routine and rinsing your hair.

These masks will help you restore your hair's shine and provide additional protection and hydration. It is also essential to avoid irons and other appliances that can damage and dry your hair. Take advantage of summer for natural hairstyles and let your hair breathe.