Charlene wants to move with the children!

Princess Charlene wants to take the children to Switzerland to have a carefree childhood.

Mar 23, 2022 - 06:21
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Charlene wants to move with the children!

After a long absence from the   ‘golden cage’, as she described her life in Monaco, Princess Charlene has finally returned home - but if one wonders ‘the saddest princess’, it won’t take long.

Insiders from the palace say the 44-year-old is desperate to pack up her family and move to Switzerland and is busy persuading her husband Prince Albert to join her plan.

'After spending last year on treatment for health problems, first in South Africa and later in an exclusive Swiss clinic, Charlene had time to think about her life and future and, above all, the future of her children,' said a close source.

'She realized that not only is life in Monaco toxic to her, but she's also worried about how it could affect her seven-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella, who are growing up with all kinds of pressures, far from the real world.'According to the source, Charlene was angry that, in her absence, her sister-in-law, Albert's sister, Princess Caroline, 65, stepped into the lives of the twins, pretending to be a surrogate mother, taking them on outings and interfering with their education. 

'Charlene was distraught when she saw Caroline take over the influence in raising the twins, a source told. 'Recently, Caroline called the principal of their old school to discuss their socialization. The twins are currently studying at home at Charlene's request.'An insider from the palace claims that Caroline is focused on the future of Monaco, so she is determined to 'shape the twins, especially Jacques, the obvious heir, according to her idea of ​​what the little prince should be'.

Even Albert, the source reveals, is more relaxed with his children and wants them to have a carefree childhood. But Charlene tries to convince her husband that this will be impossible in Monaco. Although she initially wanted to stay in South Africa with twins, the Monaco constitution does not allow future heirs to live so far away from their father.

But the source reveals that Albert (64) still loves Charlene and that her main trump card are twins. 'If Albert sees that they are suffering because of the situation, he could agree to Charlein's request,' says the royal insider.